Friday, July 19, 2013

Day Two SDCC 2013

What a busy day! I had an opportunity to interview some of the cast of Divergent and attend the press conferences. I did not make it into the panel, sadly, because the press conference ended only 20 minutes before the panel and it was in Hall H. So I took that time to relax and upload pics from the press conference and interview (Watch video HERE)

Then I went to the Scholastic Party which was amazing. They had fantastic food, a photo booth, swag bag of new books, authors of those books, and the reveal of the new Harry Potter book cover, which the artist was signing (lithographs of them)

I mingled and saw a few familiar faces... including the adorable Erik Odom

There was a great swag bag of books and I had some of the author sign them....

My bag was heavy and I sat down to sort everything out and started chatting to a beautiful young lady, who I embarrassingly did not recognize because I do not watch Castle. Those of you who DO watch Castle will know Molly Quinn, but I didn't and once we introduced ourselves and talked more she told me she was an actress and so on and so forth. She was super chill, we did some photobooth photos together and I met her friends she was with. We actually ended up taking a taxi together to Hard Rock where she had a party upstairs and I was attending a party downstairs.

I was still in sneakers and casual clothes so I whipped back to the hotel to "prettify" and took a bike taxi to the party. You saw before photos above, here is an after photo ha ha.... I never get dolled up so it was fun for once...

As I was entering so was Grey Damon, who I had met at my hotel the night before and got photos with. He remembered me and we chatted. Later someone came up to me "you came with Grey right?" bahaha no, we just arrived at the same time. I went to get a pic with him later in the night after I had consumed sevceral cocktails. We tried, tried, but I kept cutting myself out so he did the photo finally...

The party was pretty epic, the cast of Ender's Game and Divergent were there and other awesome people (celebrities, producers, stunt doubles, authors, just cool people in general) I had some drinks, danced, mingled, got some really great photos with people who are pretty amazing and just had an amazing evening. I have a lot of photos from the party, I tweeted a few and can post some more later, but for now I just want to enjoy them for me =) Here are a couple cute ones...

Theo James and I with Shailene Woodley photobomb peeking behind
Mekhi Phifer and I - his lovely wife took this photo

Shailene Woodley and I

Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game) and I making goofy faces at the camera

I have so many great pics, I hope I can make prints and do a scrapbook... so much fun!

It was an incredible night, however, I did lose my wallet, but luckily it was my mini-going out wallet so I didn't have all of my cash or my passport or any major valuables in there. Still sucks big time though! I got home really late and slept very little before startingon Day Three of SDCC 2013.

EPIC Night!!



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