Thursday, July 18, 2013

Exclusive: Divergent SDCC Press Conference Photos

Here are a few of my photos from today's press conference.
It was pretty amazing and I have more of my photos posted at which is a Divergent blog I work for now and you should totally add to your blog reading list! And follow them on twitter @TrisandFourSite for giveaways from SDCC this week!

Some highlights:
  • Veronica's mom came up with the crows in Tris' fear landscape. She asked her mom if it should be bugs and her mom said crows.
  • Allegiant is going to be from Tris' and Four's perspectives
  • When asked what your fear landscape was Neil joked"this", Theo said "hummus" which sounded like "homos" at first and caused quite a laugh once it was figured out. Shailene said "crows" and Veronica said "bugs"
  • Shailene asked Jennifer Lawrence for advice on starring in this type of "series" and really enjoyed the advice, said she was very sweet.
  • Most memorable day on set was the ferris wheel for all of them, though they enjoyed most days.
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