Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Watch Out San Diego ... #SDCC

Today is the start of COMIC-CON! Tonight is.....

Also on my agenda today:
  • check into the hotel
  • get my SDCC badge
  • dinner with Jen and the girls
  • Ender's Game fan Experience
  • Try to meet Scott Porter, and anyone else willing to pose for a pic with me.
Tame day, but it's day one, ha ha the whirlwind begins tomorrow... I brought sneakers, so don't make fun of my sun dresses and sneakers, that's how we roll in downtown Vancouver right? Comfort is important after last year when I blew my knee out from parading around for miles and miles of SDCC walking in Old Navy $1 Flip Flops.... fail! But I was a newbie then, now I am second year experienced Comic-Con attendee (still not cosplaying, maybe next year) but I feel I have the groove. My sneakers and me are going to march all around that convention centre and it will be amazing! Fashion out the window, this is SDCC after all ;)

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