Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Closer Look at the Eclipse Stills

Here's a play by play, detailed look at zoom-in's of the Eclipse Stills... the commentary is retty funn y also, and not mine... ha ha...

I love to zoom in on stills in HQ and see things closer checking every inch for clues and insight. I decided to share and see if you see things that I don't. Some still show us nothing but fashion & bad wigs but it's fun anyways.

PS why are we being teased with just one still of Eddie & two of Jacob. Summit we would like you to be Switzerland and give us equal time!!!

Let's start with Edward...cause it has always been him....Hair is divine in this photo. I like his hair the best in Twilight, bouffant. Notice the mole just outside the hair line. It looks like he doesn't have as much lipstick this go round...hallelujah (Madea talk).

I was so excited when I saw this still. Finally someone is dressing them that actually read the books. The v-neck preppy sweater is soooooo Edward. This sweater makes my heart beat irregularly!

Edward's pants....THANK GOD THEY ARE NOT TWEED! Sorry I really did need to yell that one so Summit could hear that. He is a hot vampire not grandpa Eddie. These pants don't look like the black jeans we have seen in the past. Maybe micro fiber or dockers material? You thoughts?

Now onto our beloved Bella....Make up is flawless. So far the makeup in Eclipse gets a big thumbs up. Wigs? Not so much. Bella's wig looks fizzy and it mis-shapes her head. Color of the wig is good but other that that (in this photo) it gets a fail.

BELLA you are going to drive Eddie crazy in your bedroom with that babydoll tank!!! You go girl. Sweater is cute, I would buy it. No jewelry visual. I wonder after taking her jewelry off on the cliff in New Moon if Bella will be sporting new jewelry in Eclipse. Happy to see the same orange Jansport backpack!

OH Jacob...thank god you don't have to wear a wig. His hair looks great and I can't see "Russet" colored spray tan so again makeup wise I am over the moon. Side note: I never noticed how long Taylor's eyebrows were before. Notice he also has stubble on the chin and stash area. Also, an earring hole.

ello Barbie people this is how the tattoo goes on the Jacob! A nice close up of the wolfpack tattoo.

Notice Jacob's shirt isn't really torn sleeves. They sewed the edges. Do you like the green? I do.

Who knew Taylor bit his nails? Maybe Edward really does make him nervous. LOL

This is during the legends campfire scene. Gil Birmingham tweeted about filming this scene. He says it's going to be very cool. Not much going on in this picture. The wig looks frizzy but Bella's head is the right shape. Makeup again flawless. Bella is really listening to the story

Jacob has more stubble...I wonder if that is a reoccurring facial hair theme in Eclipse. Trying to show his age? Or making him appeal to the older ladies like Edward does? Sexy stare there Jacob Black

Mandy's Mind - He's 18 now, legal, we can sexify and objectify him like we do Edward ;) bahahaha

Mama Cullen you look gorgeous! Hair is great. Makeup is good believable vampire makeup. Eyes very light but very pretty and soft

Esme is wearing jeans! That seems so un-Esme-like but she is getting ready to throw down in a field so it is appropriate. I don't see a wedding ring or Cullen crest on Mama.

NO ONE PUTS JASPER IN THE CORNER (Dirty Dancing movie reference). Please someone explain to me why the fighter is in the back of the coven? Ahh hello Jasper is the most fierce. In a defensive stance against someone shouldn't Jasper be up front!?! Maybe they are meeting the wolves in this pic. If they are then Carlisle is supposed to be up front but check how intense everyone's eyes are. Does it look like they are looking at wolves to you? No crest visable & you can't really see Jasper's clothing cause it's blurry.

ROSE, ROSE, ROSE....vampires don't sweat!!!! What the H is going on here? Makeup girl cover that sweat up pronto. They are going to have to CGI that bleep. ON positive notes: hair color is better in this pic, her wig compared to the others looks freaking awesome. She looks the prettiest Rose has looked (IMO) compare to the first two movies.

Costume department this is my 2nd THUMBS UP! (first was Eddie's v-neck) This is how a young, hip, vampire with unlimited resources is supposed to dress to kick some bleep! A thousand dollar leather jacket that is totally HAWT. No Cullen crest on Rose either. WAIT WAIT WAIT where the hell is Emmett? We got no still of our Monkey Man! EPIC FAIL!!!!

These boots are killer but not exactly fight gear or training shoes. But Rose is smoking hot!
Again thank you costume people for reading the books!

Oh our best friend Alice. Girl is it the humidity? Your hair is not so pixie. I like the little flip. make up good and glad to see no sweat. Alice has her crest on....good girl!

What do we think of the pseudo modern members only jacket? Alice looks hip but read to move. What do you think?

Alice is sporting jeans and tennis shoes. What brand do we think her kicks are?

A Carlisle that is in deep concentration and, love,love. But Daddy you are a little sweaty and you are supposed to lead by example! His makeup looks good. I have never thought Carlisle looked natural or great hair wise since Twilight. His hair was great in Twilight cause it was dyed and not a wig. I HATE THE WIGS!

Cargo pants and a wedding ring/Cullen crest ring! Nice combo. I could totally see Carlisle sporting cargo pants

Mandy's Mind - What do you think? Agree with the poster? Remember this isn't my post/thoughts, they come from TwiFans

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April said...

I think we don't see emmett because I think this is when they meet the wolves and he is tousling (sp?) with Paul!!! At least that's what I'm hoping!! I think everything looks great except for Jaspers hair... looks a little girlish but I'm def willing to wait to judge until I see more!!! I am sad I didn't get to see any Kellan though!