Thursday, April 1, 2010

Self Interview with Charlie Bewley

5 Fun Facts About Charlie:

1. He made up a whole backstory for his Twilight character, Demetri. Here goes: “Demetri lived near Mt. Vesuvius before it erupted–when it did, it killed his family, but he was so fast, he was able to outrun the lava. He ended up in the foothills, where he was enslaved. But he kept running away from his masters, and ended up in Rome, where he became a gladiator. He had no fighting skills, instead, he just ran away from his opponents. Eventually he was blind-sided by an arrow and he went down. Then Volturi leader Aro came in, recognized his skills, and turned him into a vampire–he’s been serving the vampire guard ever since.” Now, does that have the makings of the next Stephenie Meyer novel or what?

2. He has “everything envy”. ”It’s why I became an actor,” he told us. “I can be anything!” Two things he’s green-eyed over right now: New York (he lives in L.A., but plans to move to the city at the end of the year) and whoever’s auditioning for the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

3. His drink of choice is rum. For the moment, Captain Morgans Silver Spiced run. “On the rocks?” we asked. Bewley’s reply: “If there are rocks around.”

4. He actually tries to make his hair look like that. It’s an artistic creation, complete with tusks (the little pieces in front of his ears) and horns (they’re somewhere near his neck, apparently). So how exactly does he sculpt his locks to architectural perfection? “I blow dry it a bit, then use this crap pot of wax I got for $1.95–sport wax.”

5. His favorite movie is Fight Club. “It has everything a movie needs to be great,” he explained. His runners-up: Shawshank Redemption and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


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