Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Changes

Nigel Lythgoe finally tweeted the changes to Season 7 of SYTYCD. Changes were rumoured to be coming to prevent "letting things get stale" on the seventh season.

Here's what we know:

-New partners every week
-One dancer goes home every week
-All-Stars from past seasons will be the partners
-Contestents won't draw "genres" of dance but an All-Star to be partnered with, all of whom are experts in their own genre.
"They had to be dominant in their genre, because they are the ones who are going to dictate what competitors are going to dance," he explains. As an example, he uses season-four runner-up, Stephen "Twitch" Boss. "You wouldn't want to do ballroom with him, particularly."

Mandy's Mind - I wonder if the All-Stars will do the choreo too or no?

- After the dance the All-Star leaves the stage and the contestent is judged alone.
"This will be the first time ever, apart from their solos, that they will walk forward alone to be judged," says Nigel.

What stays the same:

-American still votes on bottom 3
-Bottom 3 will still dance solo
- Mary Murphy will still be screaming with her plastered smile.
"She will be on the panel, and she will be choreographing as well," Nigel says, adding that with the guests judges (Debbie Allen, Lil C, to name a few), there will sometimes be four on the panel.

And what of the white whale that is Paula Abdul coming on as a judge? "I can't think of anybody better than Paula Abdul to judge on this show. Whether it's the right time for her is up to her and her management. I certainly would love her at any point, even if it means having five bloody judges on the show!"

Who are the All-Stars?

Besides knowing they are "dominant in their genre" your guess is as good as mine... Nigel will be tweeting the names one at a time over the next couple weeks. What a tease. I follow him do you? @dizzyfeet

The two-hour season-seven premiere is on May 27!

My predictions:

- I would have said Chelsie Hightower but she is currently on DWTS
-Blake McGrath (Though I love him on SYTYCD Canada)
-Evan Kasprzak(Broadway)
-Mark Kanemura or Kupono Aweau though Mark was quirkier
-Brandon Bryant was amazing but there were lot's of amazing contemporary dancers
-Ade Oba
-Melissa Sandvig(Ballet)
-Janette Manrara (Salsa/Ballroom)
-Phillip Chbeeb (Though I doubt they'd have a whole category for his genre?)
-Jakob Karr
-Legacy Perez
-Katee Shean
- Travis Wall
-Dmitry Chaplin
-Hokuto “Hok” Konishi
-Stephen “Twitch” Boss
-Courtney Galiano
-Kayla Radomski
-Tapper... hmm... Phillip Attmore ?

Who do you think?



This answers some of my questions and was found on the blog I guest-write for PURE SYTYCD.
1. There will only be a Top 10 this year. 5 girls, 5 boys.
2. Only one (new) contestant will be eliminated each week.
3. The contestants will not pick their own genres anymore. (~cough~) They will draw photographs of an all-star and that will dictate their style. The all-stars will never be out of their element.
4. 10 contestants from the past six seasons will partner season 7’s Top 10.
5. Only the new contestants will be judged. The all-stars will be asked to leave the stage after the performance.
6. America will vote for their favorite dancer, and one of the bottom 3 will go home.
7. The Top 10 will rotate partners from the all-star dance pool.
8. Mary Murphy will be off the permanent panel and will choreograph and guest judge again.
9. Mia Michaels will be back.
10. The all-stars will not choreograph their routines, they will learn as a normal partner.
11. The finale will be the original format, dancing solos, with each other, groups, etc. No all-stars to our understanding.

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Sherri said...

Will there be two all stars for each genre, 1 male and 1 female? If thats the case, then only 5 genres will be covered. Or maybe hip hop will have only one all star and you will get same sex routines. Still confused as to how this is all gonna work. :\