Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Jokes go to far calling Robert Pattinson Gay? Dead?

Various sites are trying to kill off Robert Pattinson or make him gay as an April Fools Day joke. But Twilight fans don't find it funny! One report today had Robert Pattinson coming out of the closet early this morning. Another later report says TMZ confirmed Pattinson's suicide. Saying that the "New Moon" star killed himself after releasing the fake news that he was gay. The false reports even contained a fake quote by Kristen Stewart.

These are all just rumors by people trying to not only earn page views but also play an April Fools Day joke. Yesterday reported that Sarah Jessica Parker had died in a car accident.

I'm all for April Fools Day pranks or jokes but killing people off is crossing the line, right?

Let me know what you think!

Mandy's Mind - Joking about death is never funny to me.... but it is April 1, so I don't believe ANYTHING and just expect EVERYTHING to be a joke.... it's also my daughter's birthday so I don't really participate in much of the April Fools joking. That aside, I have always said *IF* Rob turned out to be gay, It wouldn't surprise me... no, I am not saying he is or I think he is, I just wouldn't be shocked.... Same with Taylor and Kellan... LoL Jackson, Peter, defo would be a shock if they were gay ha ha ha.... anyways... debate as you will ;)

[Source Via Twilightish]


sabatonk said...

I LOVE that you say you wouldn't be surprised if Rob (or Kellan or Taylor) were gay! Not cause I necessarily agree (I think I might - I'll have to ponder) but cause you're a Rob fan, and I think MOST Rob fans wouldn't be caught dead thinking/saying something like that.

On that note...I'd be a BIT surprised if Rob were gay, he's far too messy, unconcerned w his appearance, just MOSTLY very guy's guy - with the exception of his intellect & depth. Taylor, totally have thought he might be, and now that you say Kellan....hmmmm...he does seem just a BIT too pretty/hot/nice to be real...


pamj said...

It isn't funny to joke about someone's death. But I have wondered if Robert could be gay. I never thought about the other guys!

sabatonk said...

and yeah - joking about someone's death - SO NOT FUNNY. Not to mention, there could be a loved one out there that might believe it until they find out otherwise. That's horrible.