Saturday, July 31, 2010

100 Monkey's Vancouver - July 30, 2010

Let's get to the basics:

The Show Rocked! It was so good to have them back in Vancouver. I really loved seeing them again!!!

They played a ton of classic faves (ha classic, like from the last album and their singles) and some new stuff also so it was a good mix of stuff to hear.

There were 4 fedora's going around and 2 headbands... ha it's always strange seeing them come out on stage with dry, clean, flowing hair at the start, because they do some much running around between instruments by the end they are all a hot, sweaty, mess - the head bands and fedora's help ;)

At one point Jackson had 2 fedora's on and my friend Nat and I were making fun... I mean how many fedoras does one band need? ;)

THey all had tons of energy and were so interactive - like always!

They didn't play "Keep Awake" which I was upset about since they ALSO didn't play it last time - but there were plenty of other faves to keep me happy!

The traditional improv song was based on the word:


I have to tell you, hearing Jackson sing "ooh my pleasure ooh" repeatedly was a PLEASURE for everyone I think.... seriously! Sexy!

It was a good crowd, though not sold out....

Mostly girls, a few men in the crowd and I think a couple were even straight!!!

Lot's of estrogen and screams as per usual but the funniest was at the very end of the show when Jackson went up to the mic and did this "squee" which was HILARIOUS but clearly imintating some of the girls there - hilariously cute!

What I really love about 100 Monkey's is not just their talent and the way they move around and trade instruments showcasing their multi-talented skills, and not just the high energy and interaction they provide their fans, but the facial expressions as they sing - ha!

Jackson gives those "come eff me" eyes and smiles with those dimples and it is amazing... Ben G grins that giant mouthed grin and it is awesome... Jerad smirks and it is cute.... You don't get too much from Ben who is mostly on drums or singing and Uncle Larry you can't even see his eyes to know if he is awake or just pounding those drums as he sleeps - I swear he could play in his sleep, he is so amazing!

But the expressions from Jerad, Jackson and Ben G are so animated - it draws you in.

You will see in my videos some of those sexy eyes and expressions I am talking about in case you haven't had the privvy to see them yet or if you somehow didn't notice what I am referring too.

Anyways, tonight was fantastic, great to see so may girlies I adore and rock out with some great music.


I am uploading my photos and videos but they are slow.

I will post my own photos (only a few, I couldn't get good shots, but took a ton of video) and all my videos tomorrow.... check my youtube (link it on my side bar at the top)

For now here are some awesome photos from the incredible @LadyDispatcher:

Uncle Larry:





Wide Shot:


The Boys After "Thank-You":

Here's a shot of us gals:

Remember to check back tomorrow for more photos and videos - love me some 100 MOnkey's!!

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Twired Jen said...

Great re-cap as always! They do have soooo much energy on stage...I feel like more so lately. Can't wait to see them again at the Viper Room in LA next Friday. They rocked last Sat here in San Diego. Love the pics!

xo J