Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to School Style from Glee and Twilight

FORT WAYNE – For some of us, back-to-school shopping is like one of those humiliating teenage rites of passage – less painful than tribal scarification, but more embarrassing than your dad’s first lecture on the topic of “the only thing teenage boys think about is …” It rears its ugly head every August, begging the question: Should I wear skinny jeans this year? And answering: Be honest. Don’t these remind you just a little bit too of Garth Brooks’ cozy crotch Wranglers?

A late-summer shopping excursion (which often happens in the company of a parent who will ask – loudly and in public – whether you still like jeans with “rock star” written down the leg in sequins) is often easier when you have a style guru, a chic sherpa to help you avoid rhinestones on your journey toward fashion enlightenment. Like Edward from “Twilight.” Or Rachel from “Glee.” Both characters have a style that is accessible, inexpensive and have the stamp of approval from a Hollywood costume designer.

Best of all, knowing exactly what you’re looking for gets you in and out of the store before your mom has a chance to utter, “Look! Hannah Montana T-shirts are on sale!”)

(Note: All featured clothing is available at Kohl’s.)

Rachel: Retro preppy

Grab your parents’ old copy of “The Preppy Handbook” and browse through it for fashion ideas. Penny loafers! Knee socks! Pleated skirts! Rachel, “Glee’s” resident uptight (yet style-savvy!) songbird, pulls this look off authentically by adding a few preppy touches to modern clothes. (Think sweater vests, Peter Pan colors and headbands.) Bonus: In 10 years, looking back on your high school photos, you won’t be the one wearing faux vintage T-shirts that say things like “Leprechaun Rehab.”

Edward: Casual and timeless

We suppose when you’re a vampire and have to live through trends dating back to the 19th century (raw sewage in the streets, knickers), you’d eventually avoid wearing anything too trendy. Edward, the latest in a long line of hunky undead men, maintains perspective by keeping his color palette neutral (black, gray) and choosing jackets with a timeless design. For instance, a peacoat’s lapels never go out of style.

Mercedes: Flashy street style

You’re only young once, which means you can only wear awesome silver, calf-high boots once. Somehow, Mercedes from “Glee” dresses up the tomboy look by adding a little sparkle to her street-style. She wears tennis shoes, but they’re covered in pink sequins. She’ll pair a punk rock graphic T-shirt with a cutie-pie cardigan and rhinestone headband. The result: lookin’ cute while stompin’ through puddles.

Jacob: Woodsy and weatherproof

Aside from spending hours and hours lifting weights, gulping protein shakes and running around in nearly nothing, the best way to steal the “Twilight” werewolf look is to be prepared for the outdoors. Black hooded sweatshirts, knitted sock caps, thermal T-shirts and boots are all wardrobe staples. Bonus: Thinking WWJD (What Would Jacob Do?) will help you avoid any inclinations to experiment with leather pants.

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