Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Brother 12 Updates

So it has gone pretty well so far. Who ever is put up on the block and doesn't go home ends up with HoH and then nominates (in my opinion) someone I didn't expect. Less revenge playing and more strategizing which I like.

Also loving that that there is another showmance - also love that the "Meow meow" Enzo thinks Hayden is her cousin - meanwhile they show us the two making out ha ha kissing cousins? LoL

I still think IF there are two who know each other it is Kathy and Britney as mother/daughter but who knows.

I think Matt is a strong player but he is too cocky and even though it is funny on Survivor, on Big Brother, making up a sick wife seems wrong - I dunno... we shall see how far it gets him eh?

I am hoping for more twists, it is still early I know but it isn't nearly as dramatic as past seasons and the Sabateur out week one was really lame!

What are you thinking so far?



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