Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Paparazzi this weekend - sick!

So I was thinking these photos were what people were gettng upset about then I saw the video - OMG - - First, if you hate paparazzi or feel bad for Rob DO NOT WATCH THIS..... it is disturbing (and I usually write-off most paparazzi to "their job" and "fans demand" but this one is actually REALLY bad!!!)

Warning - disturbing paparazzi stalking Rob video

I can't believe it - why do they follow him ALL day? Even when he says "You have tons of photos" and even when he STANDS and LETS THEM PHOTOGRAPH HIM they don't leave - they chase, they follow, he feels UNSAFE to even DRIVE - - - this is NOT cool!!!

I usually say "celebs needs fans" and "fans want photos" and "paparazzi take photos" but this is beyond that - - - this is harassment... I realize some may say fans asking for autographs or waiting outside sets is harassment - fine - but for me - I think fans wanting to meet them (as long as they are respectful) is ok - - - in fact (and I know many disagree with me but that's ok) even respectful paparazzi I don't have a problem with - i mean they get photos and as long as they are respectful to celebs (and there are some who are - - - see New Moon photos in Vancouver when cast would wave and smile at local papz) works ... but this - - - absurd!

movies, beach, shopping, it was daylight then it was night time - that is a whole fucking day of being followed.... absurd

There had been reports of Rob yelling at papz and lot's of website sensationalized the story making it sound dramatic, but it wasn't - Rob was cool, calm, respectful, and brutally honest.... the paparazzi were vultures - disgusting!

Some even reported Rob was shouting at paparazzi and hit someone else's car.... Read more here.

I am glad I was busy this weekend and missed this when it happened... the LA Paparazzi are disgusting!

Get your shot and go home - honestly!




Misha said...

I know what you mean about the van pap. they are so much more respectful then people in la... i dont really even call the ones here pap... they are either photographers or autographers ... we don't have stalker (well ok we probably have one or two but most of them are really nice)

locheneileen said...

The LA incident was harrasement of a really nice guy trying to have a normal relaxing weekend. The video shows how vile the paps are. I feel so bad for Rob, LA paps are ruining it for him.

Michelle Finkle said...

This is not right. I feel bad that I watched that video. I don't want to contribute to these slimy paparazzi scum. Rob is right. They got their pictures, they got their video. What else? The fact that he kept his cool makes me love him all the more. I swear if I was the fan who walked up to his car, I would have kicked those papz ass so he could get away. I would rather not see Rob at all other than in this movies, than see him go through this. It's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Opera needs to do a show on this and get some laws changed! More than likely Rob was being photographed while driving probably at all angles (in front, the sides and behind) Can you imagine driving with all the flashes and distractions all around? This is exactly why Lady Diana is no longer with us. Rob tries to explain to the police that the Paps were going thru red lights and breaking laws, and nothing looked like it was done about it, this is disgusting!

Kitty said...

There is a site, where you can go and support legislation that will make this kind of harassment illegal and these papz can be arrested. It is legislation that has passed the California Assembly and is going to the state Senate in a few weeks. You can print out a letter to send to the State Senator and/or send her an email. There is also (as way of an example of just how bad this has gotten in Los Angeles) a very, very disturbing video of Kate Moss and HER CHILDREN being literally attacked by hordes of despicable papz at Los Angeles Airport. Please, please go to the site and send your letters and emails. Even if you don't live in California, we need to stand up for Rob and all the other celebs who have to endure this bulling by these creeps. Do any of you think for one second that these guys would give a f*ck if Rob was hurt or even killed - they would just think about how much money they could sell their photos for - do we have to have another Princess Diana.

Anonymous said...

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