Monday, July 26, 2010

True Blood Review

Last Nights True Blood was, as always, amazing! What I loved was that there was a lot more character development in new charcters - as well as plot development in the subplots versus just the mainplot.

Random Ramblings from Mandy's Mind:

-Franklin - love... seeing Tara bash his head in - didn't love.
-White Wolf - scary.... Alcide naked - dreamy.
-Tara biting Franklin was sick.
-Eric is being a douche - - - I want Sookie/Eric sweet-lovin' BUT....
-Previews show Alcide and Sookie sweet lovin' possibilities - equally hot
-Lafayette Lovin' first his eyemake-up was killer - he made yellow/gold shadow WORK - second - omfg his love interest is way hot - it wasn't immediate but after last night - rawrness
-I have a total girl crush on Jessica - still
-Interested in Jason Stackhouse's new love interest- engaged? WTF?
-Loved that Sam headed out to save his brother, though his jump to dog fighting seemed presumptious though obviously accurate.
-I want to fast forward to see how it all goes down with the King and now the QUeen and |Eric and the crown and the magister and poor Pam.
-we are getting closer to discovering what SOokie is :) I only know because I purposely spoiled myself (book-based) though I haven't even read the books yet, my friend owns them all and says I can borrow them - but I never have time and am so behind in my other books *sigh*

It was an action packed episode with lot's of development with almost every character which I appreciated.

What did you think of the episode?

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Quilt Nut said...

I adore Lafayette; that yellow eye shadow was awesome lol.

Tara bitting Franklin-wrong scene to be eating nachos and salsa *gag*