Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Robsten Gif

Thisi s hilarious

What I don't get is that these Robsten-aholics push and push to PROVE RObsten is real, and now, when there is fairly substantial PROOF they still FREAK over every deatil - um - ya it's obvious - they are together, they aren't talking about it, let them be - can we go back to watching their movies?



Anonymous said...

Okay..first of all...we don't push and push and PUSH. okay? We just support them and want them to be happy. Now..I don't know who made this...but I agree, it is a little ridiculous...most of the Robsten supporters aren't really like this. It's kind of an interesting one. But...all of that is true, true, and TRUE. It's not just the movies...it's also them as people. They're great people, they are AMAZING as Edward and Bella...and Edward and Bella fans want to support that. Is that okay? I don't understand what the problem is with that.

Anonymous said...

Okay..sorry I was a little harsh in that last comment. I do understand what you're saying. This GIf is a little overdone. I might be a Rob and Kristen supporter (together, or apart, whichever works for them, but it's way too obvious they're together), but I'm not this bad and half of the Robsten shippers really aren't that bad either.I agree, people should let them be, but we cant help but get excited and happy to see them happy, ya know?

Mandy's Mind said...

Thanks for your comment. Most Robsten Pushers that I see are the heavy pushers - the obssessed!!

But I get what you are saying, sadly some crazies ruin it for the normal people ;)

You say "We just support them and want them to be happy." but wouldn't that mean not trying to make them "come out" or prove to the world that their little secret (not so secret) is true?

I think supporting them and making them happy is knowing in your heart they are together and not talking about it - pushing it - making it such a big deal, because then the papz chase them down to get the shot to "prove" their together - - why? Because fans WANT it - want the shot - get excited and buy the photo/magazine/etc

just me?

I don't hate RObsten shippers - I am just saying, like all realms of this fandom, there are some who go ape shit and ruin it for others.