Monday, August 30, 2010

Breaking Dawn Pre-Production has begun

Those who started following my blog back when I had set-reports for New Moon and Eclipse will be happy to hear I will have the same for Breaking Dawn. Not only when they film locally here in Vancouver but also as they film in Louisiana. I used to live there and know a lot of people there as well as a lot of fans I have met through twitter and blogging. Between all of us we hope to get all the updates on filming Breaking Dawn.

Here is the first official "set report" though it is more of a pre-pre-production report...

I got an email over the weekend from a fellow Twilight fan in Baton Rouge. Here are some details she sent me regarding Pre-Production of Breaking Dawn:

  • studio is secure and gated but busy.
  • a lot of construction going on in the lots (unsure if related to filming or not, it seems likely)
  • they are using the lot across from studio also (for storage and vehicles at this point)
  • Bill Condon has been spotted in town and is staying at a private location not too far from studios
I am not including the name of the studio or the place Bill Condon is staying because I feel it is not my place to post that information publicly. Those who know me understand my reasons why.

For that same reason I have cropped this photo to omit the address.

Here is the photo she sent me (cropped) with more to come as things progress:

I know it is just a sign but it makes me excited!!!

Thanks to "MJ" my Baton Rouge Twivestigator

If you use info or photos please link back and credit "MJ" via


Romy said...

I can't wait to see all the updates!!! I love following your blog cuz you give us the no-nonsense information...with just the right amount of pics :D so so so can't wait!! Thanks again oh not-so-Malicious one ;) <3

Karol Teodoro said...

Brasil Muito lindo *-* Esperando anciosamente *-* sz ROBERT LIFE "

Lauriesiana said...

*giggling at the fact that 'construction' is misspelled*

Thanks, Mandy! love love LOVE your blog! :)

Anywhooz... I live right outside of B.R. and was planning on checkin' out the sites to see what's happenin' out there, meself. If any of your Louisiana contacts would like to contact me, feel free! :)