Monday, August 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson out this weekend

Popsugar writes:

Robert Pattinson didn't attend last night's Emmys in LA, but he was out making the club rounds; he started the evening at the Soho House before moving on for more partying at Trousdale. He held down the fort in California while Kristen Stewart took care of business in Argentina. Robert didn't have much facial hair a few weeks ago when he was spotted visiting and cuddling with Kristen in Canada, but yesterday he debuted some serious scruff. His new look didn't stop fans from trying to get autographs, though, as he went between spots with a blond friend by his side.

It was Sam's birthday so perhaps they were all hitting the town for a night of fun? What do you think? See more photos at the source.

[Source: PopSugar Via @RObbedmyheart]

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