Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tonight's True Blood

True Blood Tonight... thoughts... (spoilers)...


“Don’t leave me with the immigrant” ha ha love Pam

“I got marry my half brother” oh the life of a were-panther

Hoyt & Jessica getting hot and heavy… seriously, Jessica is hot! But Hoyt? “Drink me” oy! I dunno how this will end…

Russell and his urn of gooey Talbot cracks me up… in fact the whole exchange between Eric and Russell was hilarious, “vast collection of meaningless shit” “because you miss your mommy and daddy” “expanding ambitions” “lump of muscle with a blood grudge” “we should begin”

bahahaha “day walking is not a myth, not at all” and so Sookie’s importance is exposed…

Ultimate Vampire Dream is to day walk Russell? Really?

Eric is so sexy! I am in love with Alexander for realz but what the FUCK was up with ringtone? Ha ha

Pam, bad timing is right.. “I need a drink”

I find it funny that Anna and Stephen are now married in real life just as their on screen relationship is falling apart.

Godric… Mmmm… yes! He was supposed to be in this season, he better be in the finale (I assume as a flashback but still!)

Sam sure is grumpy eh? “Gimme back my fucking whiskey” bahaha I’ve had days like that! But my god was Sam “hateful and mean” just like the ladies said. “bitches do your job and shut the fuck up” hoo-wee

Andy’s never healing arm is a bit excessive non? He’s a total knob but I can’t help but feel sorry for him most the time.. great character.

“Joe Lee in a Sam suit” the brother relationship is a good story line but I actually felt bad for the lil guy tonight, Sam was a straight up asshole tonight! Poor Tommy

Tara annoyed me less tonight.

I had a hard time enjoying Sookie tonight, I was still wondering what the hell was up her ass at the Emmy’s tonight… nerves or bitchiness? Either way she came across cold on stage and the reports of how she was backstage weren’t exactly positive either. Who knows though.

The witchery in the woods was very “The Craft” wasn’t it?

“I got the body of a tired teenager” bahaha go Arlene.

The talking voodoo dolls were hilarious, mainly because I have a few similar dolls I brought back from New Orleans.

I was so relieved Eric “has a plan”

I did not even recognize Arlene in the dream scene with no make-up

The miscarriage scene was bizarre and gross

What do you do about a teenaged athlete on v blood?

Pam & Eric’s intimate moment was tender

The daywalking was great, I especially loved Russell and Eric feeding off Sookie

“Fucking Fairies, who knew”

And the ending… grrr.. two weeks to wait for the season finale? No fair!

Obviously Eric will live somehow – any ideas on how?



Rhonda said...

LOVED tonight's episode. the urn of Talbot kills me; just too funny!! can't wait to see how they end this season; the next two weeks are going to be looooong!

Jennifer S. said...

I think that's very interesting about the Jessica/Hoyt situation!!! I completely forgot they just left it at, "Drink Me"!!! Russell's like what 3000 yrs old, I'd imagine that he'd def wanna see the sun!! But I want Eric to live!!! I hope something happens & Sookie will save him but the fact that they show her back in "Fairy" land, doesn't look likely for the season finale!! That ringtone, wasn't it the Looney Toones?!?! I coulda swore it was!!! These writters are hilarious!! Godrick was very cute!! Kinda reminded me a lil of Emmit! No poor Tommy, they never showed the rest of him breaking into something which I can only imagine it's the bar. Yes, F'ing Fairies!! Gettin a lil strange with that. BUT I think somehow Sookie is going to be the one to save Eric or possibly Pam. I can see Pam killing herself to save Eric!!! BUT YEAH TWO WEEKS!!! CRAZY!!! I absolutely loved it last night!! I think the season finale should be 2hrs!! But I know it won't be :-( LoL A girl could dream!! Ha ha

mybabylevy said...

I have to say not one of my favourite episodes....but great all the same! I have a feeling that Jessica will go to far....Not far enough to kill him....But too far none the less! I think that Bill will be the one to save Eric! After all he did save Sookie! As for the fairy thing...kinda lame! But it fits nicely into the story!