Monday, August 30, 2010

Reality TV Update - August 30, 2010

I have missed a few updates, but I will try to catch up.

Bachelor Pad

I missed tonight's episode *gasp* But I did see Wes and Krissily go home. That is all I know. Krissily's last words were to break up Kovaks, Elizabeth, Kiptyn and Tenley - well duh! I want to know what I missed so feel free to comment with updates or details.

I did a full post on last week's episode.


I am loving some of this season's contestents and I do blog after every episode with Power Rankings and then Results. I also blog throughout the week at Pure SYTYCD.

Last Week Shelaina went home due to injury and Hanni for some stupid reason. This week two more will go home tomorrow night.

Here are my power rankings from tonight's show.

Master Chef

I am loving this show. I liked this week's trucker challenge and was shocked when red pulled in the win after such a rough start, I mean seriously? Blue Cheese? Whitney and Jake are my two top favourites.

Big Brother

Well I have spoilers so I will shuddup but this week is going to be VERY INTERESTING! I will leave it at that but if you want spoilers read HERE and HERE

Everyone I was rooting for is gone so now I don't care... I like Lane but he has money, Britney has girl power but she has annoyed me since day one, I love gay men but Ragan seems close to going home, I hate Enzo, so that leaves Hayden... or Lane.. or Brittney.. I dunno - I will wait til last two and then decide.

Dating in the Dark

This show is so bad it's good. I love that I can pick it up or drop it any time because each week si new people. It's a nice background show to accompany my blogging. They always have at least one total loser.

Jersey Shore

OMG The Situation is friggin too much - his "master plan" to put the hippo to bed and have two girls on one side of the house and two on the other - - AND IT WORKED!?!?!? Too much! I can't wait to see this week's the preview shows Sammie and JWOW having it out - I assume it comes out that she wrote the letter to Sammi about Ronnie's creepin' ha ha ha this show is so bad I can't help myself... though I do wanna shoot myself when I hear shit like The Situation will make $5mil this year - WTF? Yet, here I am supporting it by watching and talking about it BAD MANDY!

Real World New Orleans

I haven't watched this yet but my PVR needs me too fast...

Am I missing anything?

Oh, here are two reality tv stories that caught my eye today...

Snooki's boyfriend of one month proposes via tabloid magazine.

American Idol still without panel of judges.

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