Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Breaking Dawn Scene filmed over the weekend

I think the Jenks character is unneccessary in Breaking Dawn.... and I kind of hoped they'd take it out of movie completely- - just me?

My one issue with BD was always that they build up this whole fight, potential loss of lives, etc. then.... "oh, there are other half vampires, oh, ok"

Anyways, there are reports that the scene where Bella gets I.D and documents from Jenks was filmed over the weekend at a NOLA Resturant.

This is in fact true...

but there are some things that should be clarified...

TwiFans posts:

A fan posted on facebook that Kristen Stewart (Bella) was seen filming in a restaurant in New Orleans for a Breaking Dawn scene between Bella & J. Jenks. Remember this is NOT confirmed. Take it with a gran of salt.

I did confirm from reliable sources that this scene was filmed, however, I am told the resturant used was in fact Domenica and not other popular New Orleans Resturants previously speculated.

Here are photos from Domenica:

Mandy's Mind - I still don't think this subplot is neccessary to the movie, but it was in the book so here you go - - - filmed for the movie over the weekend in New Orleans... exciting non?

We still do not know who was cast as J. Jenks.

Twilight Lexicon narrowed it down to one of these two guys:

-Ty Olsson
-Wendell Pierce

Both look like they could do the part. Ty has that suspicious look, while Wendell has more of that paper-pusher look. In my opinion either would be pretty good thoughts?

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