Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Monday

I spent the weekend wrapping presents, watching the complete first season of Dexter and in an |Eclipse induced coma of special features, commentaries and so on....

Overall a weekend WIN except that last night my kitchen flooded. I live on the bottom floor of our condo's and the building pipe clogged apparently and we were the first opening the overflowing water could find - - - joyous!

So despite a restful and relaxing weekend my Sunday evening/Monday morning has been CRAPPY!

But that is ok - - this week is filled with Holiday Dinner Parties, Sam Bradley on Thursday and my best friend's birthday Friday as well as other friend's birthdays and holiday parties on Saturday. I now have a total of 8 shin dig's I hope to pop into over the weekend - wish me luck!

This week:

I will be posting daily on any new and exciting news in Twilight, Reality TV and gene3ral pop culture fun that interests me....

I will be live tweeting from Sam Bradley's Concert in Vancouver on Thursday.

I will also be drinking an obscene amount of alcohol since I hacve been lacking lately.

Check back often to join in the fun!


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