Friday, December 10, 2010

Update on Breaking Dawn Filming

Puzzle pieces come together through all the technology and communication. Twitter is especially telling... yay for the internet.

I am grateful also to the people who send me updates since I can not be in Louisiana myself.

This week had some filming in Baton Rouge after some weekend shots in New Orleans.

My friend went to Arsenal Park in Baton Rouge the other day to see filming (non-Edward/Bella shots) and I am awaiting some photos of that.

Additionally I am told Kristen & Rob had a couple days off this week (maybe since she shot over the weekend? also scheduled scenes without them as we know there were volturi in town)

Seems yesterday they did some shots with Kristen being ill....

Also this week there were some shots of the Happy family; Renesme, Edward and Bella together sharing family moments...

This is all so exciting...

I hope to have photos for you next week from Louisiana as well as some local stuff if I have time over the weekend

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