Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eclipse DVD Coma

Who spent the day in an Eclipse Coma?

Who went to a party last night? There wasn't any locally, and I was tired so I went today and got my dvd.... at Best Buy... and then ended up spending several hundred dollars MORE on Xmas gifts... ah well!

Here is Tinsel Korey at a release party in LA at Blockbuster:

She is so awesome. Check her out Here singing.

So anyone else have some cool midnight release party experiences?

TwiFans is doing a contest to see who had the best Eclipse Party.

If you are living under a rock or haven't got yours yet... here are some things to check out in the mean time.

TwiFans has all the photos from the gallery.

Also Twilight Lexicon has posted a price chart, though it is not entirely accurate as some places have sales or specials (I got mine at Best Buy for $14.99 Canadian and SuperStore had it for $14.93 no taxes) so check around if you haven't got yours yet.

Now, I am going to bed so I can wake up and watch more Eclipse tee hee

I also rented the complete first season of Dexter.... I have been wanting to watch it for ever!!

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