Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Breaking Dawn Updates

Today and possibly tomorrow, they are filming without "Bella" and "Edward" in Baton Rouge.

I have a friend going by the set to take photos, which I will share with you here once I get them in my inbox.

I did post earlier that they filmed this weekend. The scenes involved J. Jenks & Bella Cullen meeting to get documents in order.

I also got some awesome local Breaking Dawn news that I am going to follow up on. I hope to bring you some updates (and photos) on that soon.

I am getting really excited again... I love hearing about filming, even though it is not in Vancouver as much as before, it is still awesome to hear (and see) what is going on with filming in Louisiana.

Stay Tuned in upcoming weeks for more updates. I will post them as I get them.


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