Friday, December 10, 2010

Sam Bradley Show Tonight in Vancouver

It was ladies night and we enjoyed ourselves.

The very talented Sam Bradley performed his last show of the tour in him (now) hometown. His mom, family and friends were in the audience.

Sam did a great show and was as adorably endearing as always. I would have liked a longer set and a few favourites to be played but overall it was a great show!

After we were heading out and Sam walked by, I told him I didn't have time to stay but wanted a wuick pic, he oblinged and we chatted. I gave him hello's from various friends (Melinda, Carmen, E/K, yes you!) I got a pic of Lorabell from TwiCrackAddict "pinching" his bum as per Carmen's request ;) too cute!

Those pics and more on facebook.... Videos Soon!

Facebook is being slow and silly but you can check the entire album HERE!!!!!!!

Be sure to add me on facebook if you haven't I have lot's of albums you may like.

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