Monday, September 19, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Finale

Hell's Kitchen came to and end and I have to say, out of the final two, I thought Will would win, but I am not disappointed with Paul. Both were talented and theonly complaint I had about the finale was that Elise was in it! Really? Top 3? She was not even top 10 in my book! Tommy's gf and mom came to visit and the young girl was really attractive, much to everyone's surprise. Paul's brother came, Elise's son and husband and Will's wife and mother I think.... Paul won the first challenge in replicating a dish Chef Ramsay made. He and his brother got to go to a dodger's game where Ramsay threw the first pitch! In the cooking challenge it was close, but Will came out on top allowing him first pick of team mate int he final dinner service. The final challenge of course had them create their own menu items and past cooks returned, they picked teams and did the final Hell's Kitchen Dinner Service. Overall this wa a good season, I ahted that they kept "drama Elise" for ratings, to be honest, she made me not want to watch the show, she wasn't even the "fun" kind of drama. Ah Well. I hope they do another season soon, I would love to attend Hell's Kitchen to eat once.... More Fall TV

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