Sunday, September 18, 2011

September TV Time - Fall Premieres

Well, I went to set my PVR (DVR) tonight for the week and I just about died at how many shows conflict!

What did we do before DVRs? I know I used to have a vcr tape in one room and another in the other if two shows were on at the same time. Now, I have EST c hannels and PST so if more than 2 shows are on at 8pm I can record two at 8pm EST (5pm here) then the other(s) at 8pm PST.

My DVR can only record two at once. There is one I could get that does three at once, but my husband says that is "pushing it" ha ha

Anyways, this week brings back some favourite shows as well as some new shows.

What I hate about new shows is that few last. I will record and get really into them only to have them cancelled. My new "technique" is to let several episodes build up before watching. Though I did that with Combat Hospital and I still haven't seen a single episode. Off the Map was similar I finally watched half the season a week ago! The Event... same thing!

Anyways, here is what my PVR looks like this week, don't judge!


DWTS - New season starts, I actually care less about this show each week. I really want to but it is a lot of time to watch and after a summer of non-stop SYTYCD (The obviously better dance show) I am not sure how much I can committ. I will likely start watching Tuesday only with the highlights and results. We will see. Plus, I do not see any "stars" this season - I mean really?

Hells Kitchen - Finale. I am pulling for Will at this point.

Two and a Half Men - Ashton takes over for Charlie Sheen - this will be interesting. My husband claims he won't watch now that Charlie is gone, yet asked to make sure all my "crap" didn't interupt taping it ha ha. FUNNY PHOTO.

The Sing-Off - More singing shows. I always at least give it a chance.

Hawaii Five-O - I gave up on this a while ago because I was just too busy, but I want to watch.

2 Broke Girls - This looks hilare and is short and sweet.

Playboy Club - Looks good!

Roast of Charlie Sheen - Can't wait to watch this ha ha oh Charlie Sheen you are fucking cray-cray!

Starting soon also Gossip Girl which I LOVE!

Other shows I don't follow but you may be interested in:

HIMYM (I love it but haven't caught it consistently



DWTS - Already said my bit - may actually watch tuesdays First results here

90210 - Was disappointed with the opening last week but I am loyal since the 90s so I will stick it out.

NCIS - A Show much husband and I both enjoy, often he more than me.

RINGER - SMG returns, excited about this new show.

Unforgettable - Love Poppy and this look really really good.

Body of Proof - I missed a ton last season and the series record is still up so we will see.

Glee - obviously a must-watch every week!

Camelot - Really loving this mini-series despite some criticism.

New Girl - This looks so awesome I love Zooey so hard!


the Kennedys - I want to watch, but I keep missing it.

Survivor - Looks like a good season with Ozzy and Coach returning as well as some interesting new characters.

X Factor - Simon and Paula are BACK YESSS!

Criminal Minds - Prentis sure didn't "die" for long eh?

CSI - Ted Danson joins the cast? Yes Please!

Reven8e - This looks super awesome, i know so little about it except a girl got screwed over and returns to the town to seek revenge - bad ass!

First episode review and summary here

H8R - Same guy who does Bachelor brings "celebs" to face their haters and try to make them lovers, or less haters.

ANTM - All Stars - as in past failures... See details from 1st episode here.

Modern Family - I love this show but have never watched it regularily I need to catch up


Big Bang Theory - love love love

Vampire Diaries - evil Steffan rawr

The Secret Circle - new, locally filmed, momma likes! See Pilot review and set locations here

Grey's Anatomy - old faithful

Charlie's Angel - new, giving it a go

Person of Interest - looks really great, perfect casting

X Factor - as above

Starting Soon: Private Practice - Miss this show

Not for me but yuou may want to know: The Office, The Mentalist.


Nikita - filmed in TO. love love everything about it

A gifted Man - Looks strange, but worth checking out at least.
Also: Fringe, Supernatural, CSI NY, Blue Bloods (All awesome, but I am not caught up on and don't watch on tv but dvd complete seasons or waiting for them)


Amazing Race 19 - I always try to watch this but can never stick with it lately (past few seasons)

Animation - I watch this with my husband, Simpsons, Family guy etc. he is more into it than i am but I blog as it is on in the background usually... good laughs.

Desperate Housewives - I haven't watched the most recent series but seeing as this is the last one I want to watch, but feel like I need to catch up or something.

Pan Am - This looks awesome! Christina Ricci for the win

Boardwalk Empire - returnssss such an epic show

Mythbusters - husbands show but i enjoy it too

What Shows are you watching?

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