Sunday, September 18, 2011

Straw Dogs and Drive

So I went and saw both last night and have to say that I am really glad there were cute boys in them. Don't get me wrong, they both had their good parts, but they were both pretty violent and not at all what I expected. Let's look at Straw Dogs First It is a remake of a 1971 movie that I have not seen. James Marsden is cute, but his character is annoying in this movie. Kate Bosworth is pretty but again her character is annoying. What is worse is that the two of them together are not believable as a married couple, it is all just bizzare. They seem to have this strong loving relationship but then she does the strangest things, like a scene in the window watching the roofers, or when she keeps the violent crime to her self or calls her husband a coward. I just found myself saying "she isn't worth the trouble dude, go back to LA and leave her ass in Mississippi" Alexander Skarsgard is hot. He is a rapist and probably worse (is there worse?) but he is hot and I don't even feel bad enjoying watching him do bad things. James Woods plays the old alcoholic, has-been football coach with a teenage daughter. The story line with his daughter is loose and not fully developed, much like a number of subplots that either aren't wrapped up at the end of not developed throughout the movie. I was so shocked to see Dominic Purcell in the movie, he plays an adult with special needs and I was very impressed with his acting. I love him! Overall, I wasn't a huge fan. It was less violent than I thought, and though it had a good premise and I am sure the original was great, this movie didn't have the horror feeling it is supposed to, nor the thriller aspect I hoped for. It was just odd. thank goodness for the hot men! Drive I went to see this for once reason only. Ryan Gosling. I knew it was about a driver, that was it. Ryan gosling as a driver and I was sold! My friend Amy told me a bit more... he is a stunt driver by day and a get-away driver for criminals at night. OK So the movie had a strange feel to it. It was not at all what I expected, far more violent and noire. But, Ryan Gosling was fabulous and oh so pretty... he played the unnamed, mysterious driver who amidst his involvement in the criminal activities in L.A. befriends his neighbour, Carey Mulligan and her son. Since her husband is in jail, they become lose fast uintil the husband returns and then Gosling is pulled into more crime with him. Overall it is dark and violent, though inadvertently humourous (the whole theatre laughed, albeit nervously, during a scene involving blood splatter and killing) I liked it, but it is not the kind of film youw ould expect to see - it had a strange feel to it that I really did like, hoever unexpected. I'd say see Drive, wait for dvd for Straw Dogs (sorry Alex, James and Dom i love you)

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