Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Secret Circle S1E2 Bound #TSC

Episode two of The Secret Circle aired tonight and it was more fun and witchery as well as more familiar sets around my city.

First, thanks to Emily who commented in my last post on the Secret Circle. She recognizes the house from heritage home tours and said when Cassie pulls up to the house she passes by Queen's Park in New West and the house is apparently 321 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster BC

"Please, do you own a shirt" ha ha (Cassie)

"Rule #1 do not breathe in the vapours" ha ha (Science Teacher)

"It's like I'm living in a Harry Potter Movie" "he has a wand" ha ha (Adam & Cassie)

"We are friends now" "right, bound for eternity" ha ha (Cassie and Adam again)

I love the comedy in the show, amongst the drama and fun... In the beginning, Cassie tries to light a candle by asking for light and instead gets sunlight. She tries to close the curtains but instead her neighbours window slams shut. Cassie realizes now she has powers but is completely uncertain how to use them

Later Adam tries to help Cassie use and control her magic, but the chemistry between them seems to make it difficult to... stay in control. I laughed out loud, literally, when the light bulb they lit blew up, I couldn't help but think of it as a metaphor for other things tee hee.

Faye's grandpa Henry is in town and investigating something, we can assume his hunch that witch craft is happening again. He talks to a few of the parents and starts to worry about the kids practicing. When he confronts Faye's mom, his daughter-in-law she seems shocked. Of course this is b.s. because she helped get Cassie in town and she immediately goes to Gale Harold angry Henry is on to them. She also takes away his crystal... whatever that means... it shows she is running the show.

At "seafair" Cassie tries to 'escape' the circle and be normal, but the other's won't let her. She does start to learn more about her mother by talking to the locals.

After some powerful individual magic causes harm to a friend, faye's mom uses the magic crystal to heal her so that she doesn't die leaving Faye with guilt. Henry sees this and after threatening to go to the elders to report the magic and demanding to have the crystal, Faye's mom kills him. OOh she is bad ass.

After all the craziness, Cassie agrees to bind the circle. This means that their individual powers will weaken, but as a circle they will be more powerful. Of course when their parents last did this, meany lives were lost, so we can only imagine what is to come if they are to bind the circle.

Adam reassures his gf that she has nothing to worry about with Cassie, kisses her then drives by and picks up Cassie, his friend. Another light bulb explodes - ha ha

At the beach, by a bon fire the witches unite to prepare for binding.

I should add the music was pretty awesome in tonight's episode.

Now for some familiar local sets... and some unfamiliar ones too...P> Pull up to the resturant again, which I believe is Sockeye City Grill again

More Chance Harbor School aka Kitsilano Highschool

(At least extyerior, the interior looked different, and I heard they used two different schools from pilot to regular season. Not entirely sure)

The Magic House:

i am determined to find out where this old house is, could be studio, but I will keep trying to find out. Sea Fair This festival was set up on the piers in Steveston BC. I found the name "Sea Fair" interesting, since there is an annual seafair in Seattle every year in August, which is around when this was filmed.

Bon Fire This beach is likely in Steveston BC as well, but it was dark and I couldn't recognize any landmarks to be sure. From what I saw (trees, mountains, stones) I would say it looks more like North Vancouver to me, but I shall try and find out for sure.


Stand Together, or Die Alone. Now the witches can't use magic unless someone else in the circle is with them. And someone is after them... ooooh!

Thoughts on tonight's episode? Sets you recognize? Episode One Review and Set Guide

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