Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Revenge was so great! I absolutely loved it.

The previews looked really good and I had been looking forward to the show for a few weeks. I love Emily VanCamp from Everwood and Brothers & Sisters.

Basically a young girl returns to the Hamptons to seek revenge on the rich elite who ruined her dad's life.

We get bits and pieces of what may or may not have happened but I am sure the plot will thicken as the season goes on.

The show opened with the present day engagement party of Daniel and Emily (who is actualy Amanda, back to seek revenge) while Daniel is lying dead on the beach. A few characters are revealed and a few relationships shared, but we get very little before flashing back 5 months prior when young Emily arrives to the Hamptons to rent a beach house.

By the end of the hour we see Emily interfere in the rich elite's lives and manipulate them to seek revenge. We also learn that she (as Amanda) had been in juvenile detention and not spoken to her dad in years, only to be released and learn that her father died, but left her an infinity box with all the truths she needed to learn... and a request to forgive...

That promise she will not make as we retun back to almost-modern time (minus the 5 months) and continue to see how she becomes involcved with the residents of the Hamptons.

Her main memories from the Hamptons as a little girl are of her father, her dog, a childhood friend Jack, the infinity times infinity symbol, and a few bits and pieces before her dad was taken away by the FBI.

Through research and her dad's diaries she has pieced together the truth, though we do not know it all yet, and she is planning to get revenge on the rich elite's who ruined her dad's life.... REVENGE!

Tonight's revenge involved her posing as a roomservice lady at a hotel where Victoria's husband was having an affair with Lydia, Victoria's recently divorced best friend. Emily/Amanda poisons his food leading to him being taken away in an ambulace while she asks Lydia is her husband is ok. Later at a party, after Victoria has discovered her husband indeed was having some kind of affair after picking him up in the hospital and seeing his hotel bath robe, Amanda/Emily asks Lydia if her husband is feeling better.... in front of Victoria.... BUSTED!

Victoria casts Lydia off publicly at the yaht party fundraiser and Amanda/Emily draws a red "X" over Lydia's face on a group photos of her father with these rich elite's who ruined him.

victoria seems to be "on to " emily and will be looking into her further.

Amanda/Emily's childhood friend, Jack has a boat named Amanda and her old dog from when she was a kid. Awnnnn... adorable!

Also, her father's young friend who picked her up on her release out of jail, recognizes her but promises to keep her secret safe. She does, afterall, own half of his company which has apparently made him very rich as he is trying to buy Jack's boat, and since Jack's dad needs the money it seems he is going to sell it. We shall see.

Does any of this even make sense? Just watch the show it is awesome!!

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