Friday, April 30, 2010

Eclipse Re-Shoot Drama

We all saw the unshaven photos of Robert Pattinson yesterday out on the town with Sam Bradley when he was scheduled to be filming.

I did my set report last night stating that the schedule had been unexpectedly changed.

Yes, movies schedules change, but I can definately say that Rob was supposed to film all 3 days and hasn't.

So take that as you will and let's hope "official" word on this situation comes out soon.

Last I heard Rob was on set today and presumably filming though I've not seen him or photos of him to see if he has been groomed for filming.

As a fan, I am worried about trying to cram reshoots into only 3 days, 2 of which our star wasn't filming as scheduled, and only 2 months before the film is released, which is about a month before the final product should be completed. Promotion starts next week for goodness sake!!!

Time is ticking and it doesn't FEEL like things are going smoothly!

I am not trying to spread my anxiety or stir the pot, I am simply stating my own feelings on the projects current state. This is "Mandy's Mind" afterall!

As a fan I worry, especially because Eclipse is my favourite of the books and there has already been so much drama surrounding the film. The director choice and vision (newborns=zombies), the editor re-hire, the Bella wig, the recasting of Victoria, re-shoots, its been a rollercoaster of epic proportions.

What are your thoughts on the happenings?

In the meantime check out Everything Eclipse.


Gossip Cop posted a "debunking" story today:

Some even suggested a rift between Pattinson and director David Slade, and that the actor was refusing to be cooperative.

This simply is not the case.

As we speak, Pattinson is on the set filming, a source on the scene confirms to Gossip Cop.

“There are absolutely no problems,” a rep for Summit tells Gossip Cop, adding, “Today is the first day of shooting for Robert Pattinson.”

The pick-ups are underway, as scheduled, and speculation about problems should be curbed in favor of facts.

What's interesting about this post is that they are magnifying an obvious issue and specifically saying what it "isn't" which usually s a good indicator of what it is.

Publicists work to make their clients look the best possible... and "reps" don't come out and say "ya well, there was a disagreement on set"

Why doesn't Gossip Cop name or address the "rep" (is this the janitor? a producer? a staffer?) and why is the "non-problem" so specificaly "David Slade and Robert Pattinson"?

This is like saying "close your eyes and DON'T think of a pink elephant"

Time will tell what happened on set yesterday, if words were exchanged, if Rob had the day off or left unexpectedly... it really doesn't matter, as long as our film gets made, and it will.

As commenters have mentioned, the first two movies weren't Oscar worthy but still did well based on the fandom... Eclipse will likely be no different.

So disputes on set or not, Eclipse will get made & we will all go see it, hopefully June 30


Anonymous said...

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm . . . . . I have to have faith that all is well with the reshoots, pickups, whatever they're being called . . . with exactly 2 months to go till the release date, they HAVE to know what they're doing . . don't they? O_O

babscullen said...

Hey Mandy! I totally agree w/ you on the worry factor! I mean the movie comes out in less than 2 months(according to my widget countdown!LOL), but I am going to give them a chance to pull thru and make it!!! LOL Like my worry is stressing them out! hahahaha Yes all that has happened w/ the movie changes over the last year is very stressful, but I think they'll make it! Your blog rocks and the info is fabulous! Thanks for all you post! From one Mandy to another! You rock! Twilight Forever!!! Amanda Cullen(I wish)

DeppGirl said...

Things do not appear to be going smoothly for Summit, David Slade and the Eclipse film in general, in fact, the whole saga. I wasn't all abuzz after the last trailer, in fact, vampires comimg out of the water? They look more like zombies. I'm so afraid this movie is going to be all about the "horror" and not about the love, as each film draws further away from the original story. Bill Condon for BD? Puhleez...Gods and Monsters is one of the darkest and dismal films of all time. Way too old Hollywood for such a young flick. I think Summit is just having trouble lining up people.

As much as I dislike Cathy Cougar, it would have been lovely to see her return for the close. Though, like Mandy, Eclipse is my fave book... Twilight is my fave movie so far and given the way things are going and'll probably stay that way.

What's that? That sound? The wind? No, just the exasperated exhale from hundreds, perhaps thousands disillusioned fans who are not happy to settle with just looking at Rob onscreen for 2 hours.

Please, God, let's hope I'm wrong. And just an observation...Vampire Diaries has turned into a pretty good little series, with better writing than any of the Twi movies has ever seen. Just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

Eclipse is also my favorite book..I think that's why I am so worried about these "reshoots"...

I posted this on another fan bored..but I think it's worth mentioning here.. i can only imagine the set is super high tension right now. With less than 2 months to go they still have to finish these reshoots, finish the edit, cgi, musical score, and any voice over work. Plus, they have to have the film printed to send to all of the movie theaters and this time around they are doing IMAX which i believe takes a bit longer to prepare and print....

so If tempers flared yesterday..I can't say it's totally unexpected. Also, Rob has been busy.. he hasn't had much time off since the start of the new year. He has promoted Remember Me and will now promote Eclipse and will then immediately start filming Water for Elephants and then most likely go straight into Breaking Dawn. Phew, boy must be exhausted.

So I think it's possible there is some "trouble" on the set.. but jeez some people are really blowing this out of proportion! Some of the fandom needs to be put on suicide watch for this! i just feel like... the first two movies were entertaining, but not that great and they still did well. This will, too, no matter what. So we should all relax a little.

btw, love your blog! i hope they film Breaking Dawn in Vancouver so you can keep reporting for us!

Unknown said...

Chill Mandy - it's okay. I think big projects are difficult to manage, but the increased scrutiny on this one may make what is normal film schedule flexibility and some changes seem alarming at first. New set - new nuances to iron out. Who knows? It's all conjecture at this point. I have faith that Eclipse will exceed expectations. Thanks for the blog - you rock! I'm stoked that Mr. Pattinson gets a breather hanging out with his peeps - it may have a positive overall effect. It seems that Twi-world drives their actors so hard with such tight schedules. They only play inhuman onscreen - so, next time they fly them around the world and schedule them for shoots I really hope they get to smell the heliconia, taste the cream sauce, sip the pints or the savor the sushi a little more than before.

Anonymous said...

Well, early on Slade tweeted less than favorable things about the saga, Rob mentioned script concerns at ComiCon, then in the midst of filming only tweeted about Taylor and the newborns and all the cast commented about the action, then we have the editor getting canned, Slade tweeting about adding more Rob, Slade said he submitted the final film to TPTB, andthen reshoots. Doesn't sound smooth. Sounds like they shouldn't have filmed Eclipse before NM was released because clearly they didn't win new fans with NM and neglect of central E/B romance. Slade is up against a wall and stressed to the max and I can absolutely see problems with vision and character continuity. I really think they should push a release date for Eclipse back in order to fix whatever the problems are rather than rush to meet a deadline and thereby release a movie that leaves fans scratching their heads.

Anonymous said...

Eclipse is not my favourite book of the saga, so I think it won't be different for the movie version. But I do like some action so I0m glad we get to see a lot of it in this movie. Finally, I might add.
But I can totally feel you when you say you're worried. Twilight re-shots were done in June and the movie came out in November. Plenty of time to work with. But for this one..It's almost May and the movie should be completely, 100% done already.
Plus..I won't never accept the recasting of Victoria or those horrible wigs they're using, or the fact that they seem to forget that vampire DO NOT grow hair or change.

Mandy's Mind said...

Great comments. Yes I agree there is a whole lot more going on with Eclipse that is not making fans feel at ease, but imagine the crew, cast, director, etc.

Massive stress on set and in the "editing rooms" seems likely - but I think we can all agree everyone involved just wants to see a well made movie.

I am sure that is what we will get... though the road has not been smooth, they will get there, that much I am certain!

It's easy as a fan to get worried when you see things aren't going as planned but it's true lot's of movies go thru these ups and downs... time will tell - but I MUST believe it will all work out :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the set info Mandy. I am starting to prepare myself that Eclipse is going to be lame. I mean, of course I will still see it and it will make a gazillion dollars, but I don't think that Rosenberg has been able to translate Meyer's books all that well.

I feel like everything about Bella and Edward's relationship onscreen has been FULL of heaviness and too much angst. I don't think she has written Edward all that well. Rob hasn't been given too much to work with.

I just hope to see the love triangle done well. I want to see the EXTREME tension in the tent (that I read on the page of the book). I want to see Bella punch Jacob in the face and see Edward split a bitch to get to Bella's house to see what happened.

Oh and LEG HITCH, duh!