Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alex Meraz and Defenders of Wildlife team up to save the wolves

I always get emails about various things happening and I love it because I am one person and miss alot of awesomeness... here is an email I got recently:

Hey Mandy,
I know you hail from the wilds of Canada ;) but I'm sure many of your readers like me, are in the States, so I'm hoping that you could post some info about the Defenders of Wildlife Save Americas Wolves campaign. Alex has filmed a PSA for them which can be found at (it a YouTube vid). The site asks people to encourage the President(restore wolves to the endangered species act) and Congress(PAW act to stop aerial killings in Alaska) to support conservation efforts, they also ask for donations (directly, through texting, and shopping at their store). I think Twi fans will definitely be interested in helping.
Thanks Joyce

btw got the info through and

Here's the video:

Thanks Joyce for the email.

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