Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse Special

Did you see it last night?

OMG - It was so great... I loved every second... Kimmy Kimmel is pretty funny and can get away with saying almost anything so I loved the random things that cameout of his mouth as well as the questions they allowed fans to ask the cast.... stoli shirt, role-playing in the bedroom, abs, sexy rob, it was awesome!

I was surprised they actually shower them interupting our theatre - I could easily see myself in the front row flailing my arms around.... i tend to be over dramatic it seems ;)

How awesome!

I saw a couple people I knew in the audience, moreso outside than inside, and |I still have it on pvr so I may rewatch it again for the sole purpose of freeze framing any screen cap that someone I know is in.... saw a lot of peeps....


If you missed it check youtube or jimmy kimmels site for lot's of goodnes...

who knew Shark Boy was afraid of sharks?

that Kristen and taylor karaoked Mily Cyrus?

I loved hearing Peter, in typical father fashion, retell the same stories he always does....

I also loved that Bryce and Xavvier got decent talk time... and got to tell the racoon story which they had told at the fan convention also!

So much fun!

I wish I was in LA still or again..... good times!

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