Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scans from Eclipse Movie Companion Guide

I always look forward to these companion guides, I especially love the behind the scenes look at filming because I was often "behind the scenes" as a fan.

This was a full make-out session in the movie and it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be... even if you are Team Edward, it's just a movie, we all know she chooses Edward ha.

This I don't recall from the movie, I think it was the dream Bella had where she envisioned her life with Jacob in the future, children, etc. It was sadly, not included in the movie but apparently David Slade talked about using it in dvd extras during press conference and I personally told both Summitt reps after the screening that I wanted to see it and to pass it on ha ha.

Edwards room with his newly acquired bed ;)

Graduation Party

Here's the campfire

3rd Wife:

Jasper's History / Back Story:

Riley & Victoria:

I personally love the studio behind the scenes most because as a fan I haven't ever seen those sets, only the public outdoor sets....



Rosalie's History / Back Story:

This is especcially cool:

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