Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Hump Day

It's Wednesday already...

Scroll down for tons of posts on everything happening in Twiland.

I still have my photos from Twilight Eclipse Convention to post but I haven't been able to successfully batch watermark them and individual stamping takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME.... it will happen, trust. In the meantime here are some videos from youtube of the convention.

My Eclipse Review has spoilers but is getting a lot of questions - feel free to comment instead of email me and I will answer in the comments.

I also have a few contests going on.

The first is a Bobby Long Prize Pack which will also help promote Bobby's upcoming Vancouver Show, you do not have to be local to enter.

The other is my ongoing effort to get donations for my blog to help me keep putting the same time and effort into posting especially now that I am unemployed. Any donation amount gets you into a draw for various prizes. See details here.

I have a few other contests coming for July so stay tuned for that.

In other news, Tent City is under way in L.A. for the red carpet Premiere... expect updates on that from fans on the scene as well as some celeb visits that are bound to be happening in the next few days.

I am almost caught up on PVR so Reality TV Updates as well as new shows (like The Gates) and fave shows (like True Blood) updates will be posted if they aren't already so scroll down throughout the day for new posts as this one will stay at the top to greet new readers today...

Happy Hump Day - half way to the weekend... Tonight is The Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse Special and there are a ton of Eclipse Promotion on talk shows coming up - so don't miss them!

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