Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twilight Convention L.A. - Rob, Kristen, Taylor Videos

There is no video taping allowed at the Twilight Conventions and therefre I only took photos - about 500+ during Rob, Kristen & Taylor's panel.... while those photos are uploaded and awaiting watermarks I thought I'd post these videos that others took (albeit against the rules)

Hopefully I am allowed to post them - I just did a youtube search and here is what I found...

Question: What are you looking forward to the most in Breaking Dawn?
Robert: The what? What?
(person repeats question, then Robert laughs)
Robert says to Taylor: Doesn't, doesn't um.... don't you sleep with the baby in it? I would love, I really can't wait for that, I mean I'm gonna be waiting on that eagerly.
Taylor says to Robert: Don't you uhh, don't you sleep with her?
(points to Kristen)
Robert: Yeah, I mean........ I really love babies, so anything will be fine with me.

And here is someone who posted a 7 part series...

Hope this tides you over until I can get my photos up - -

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