Thursday, June 17, 2010

Emma Roberts Twitter Account Deleted over Twi-Drama?

Emma Roberts pulled a Miley Cyrus and deleted her twitter account because of too much drama. Having been AT the taping of Jay Leno I find this very interesting.

First here is a compilation of various news sources versions of the story (all sited below) and then I will add my two - cents on the issue.

Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts, might have felt brave when she announced she's on Team Jacob while sitting next to Edward himself, Robert Pattinson, but she wasn't feeling brave anymore when Team Edward went after her. The 19-year-old actress shut down her Twitter account after being attacked by the "Twilight" vampire's supporters.

On the "Tonight Show," Roberts fearlessly said she's on Team Jacob while Pattinson was sitting next to her.

The 24-year-old English actor jokingly replied, "Well, you just revealed yourself to have no taste."

And although the two appeared to have a good time goading each other, Team Edward wasn't amused.

Pattinson's fans flocked to Roberts' Twitter and posted not-so-kind things about the actress just because she didn't share their taste. Roberts has apparently shut down her account because of the barrage of Team Edward tweets, according to

Roberts has co-starred with Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob in the "Twilight" film series, on "Valentine's Day." That might explain her devotion to the team.

Emma Roberts has been scared by nasty tweets from Twihards after revealing that she is Team Jacob during her appearance with Robert Pattinson in 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'.

Emma Roberts has run off her Twitter account following her confession
on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on June 15, E! Online reported.

During her visit, Emma told host Jay Leno that she is Team Jacob, and
although Robert Pattinson, also on the show with her, could take the
avowal with a joke, Twihards were unfortunately not.

She told Robert Pattinson, "Your hair looks wonderful
in person but I have to say I'm Team Jacob," with the 24-year-old actor
jokingly replying "You've just revealed yourself to have absolutely no

Mandy's Mind

Having attended this taping and sitting dead center very close I saw all of this go down live and think Emma Roberts came across a bit ditzy, unprofessional, rude, snotty and entitled.

I honestly hadn't heard of her before Tuesday and I didn't know who she was. Her comment about being "Team Jacob" didn't offend me at all, though I thought it was kind of rude to say to the actor who plays Edward. Although she quite likely meant it as a joke it came across as a "dig" at Robert Pattinson, though I had no idea why - I assumed she thought she'd be "cool" and come across "uncaring" about such a huge superstar....

After the show, however, I learned she is rumoured to be dating her Homework co-star Michael Angarano, who also happens to be Kristen Stewart's ex-boyfriend. How strange to have Kristen Stewarts current man on a talkshow with her ex's current gal.... awkward?

Of course knowing this gives a WHOLE new meaning to Rob's statement: "You've just revealed yourself to have absolutely no

Either way, I don't hate Emma Roberts for being Team Jacob, I just think it was career suicide to be so snotty to one of the biggest superstars in the world... even if she meant it as a joke, um, have you seen her movies? She can't really act - so trying to pull off "funny" on live tv was a bad move.

Just my opinion.

Now for extra fun - here's a clip of the statement and behind the scenes after the show bahahah

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Anonymous said...

Funny how you state that you'd never heard of Emma Roberts before Tuesday but then you go on to ask "have you seen her movies? She really can't act..."

aleisha said...

I don't care at all if she's Team Jacob, but I thought prefacing it with the hair comment came off as really bitchy. But the people who sent nasty tweets are just idiots who make the rest of look bad.

Mandy's Mind said...

Anonymous - You are right, I should clarify... I HAVE seen her in movies but didn't know her name. When i found out Emma Roberts' was on the show also, I had no clue who she was. In fact, I didn't know she was Julia |Roberts niece until today even.

At the taping, People said she was in Valentine's Day and once I saw her I made the connection. I also endured her clip of '12' with Chase Crawford, maybe it was just the clip but it was horrible.

THANKS for your comment and pushing me to clarify myself... I sometimes forget people can't read my mind ;)

Ami said...

Well said Mandy :)

Netti said...

i love the clip haha and the music someone put in, that's better than days of our lives lol

Kitty said...

Here's what I think happened - she was just totally outclassed? Rob has a brilliant and quick mind and she well...doesn't. Being Team Jacob is fine, but she could have been much more gracious about it and she was just a "twit", in my opinion.

wig4usc said...

Its funny how people have reacted to this. Mandy, I had the same impression as you and wasn't at the taping. I thought she came off as slightly rude, but Rob handled it in a very clever way. You wouldn't tell Leno that you watch David Letterman every night, would you? The video after the show is funny. And after learning of the MA connection, I too, thought that gave his statement all new meaning!!!