Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reality TV Updates

Here's a few updates for this past week of Reality TV. I was away for a week so catching up on EVERYTHING has been fun!

I was sad to see Jesse go home. I really liked looking at him but sensed he wasn't right for Ali. He is country boy, a bit young and really really sexy!! His singing voice was amazing also - I seriously adore him!!!

I was ok with the weatherman going home he had no chance and was more kept for comedic purposes inmy opinion.

There were a few that stayed that shocked me mostly because we hadn't seen much of them. I want weird voice, tattoo boy to go but I am excited to see his tattoo reveal - crazy town!

I like Chris more after this episode, taking care of sick Ali. I heard some spoilers and it mademe change my top 3 so I have to rethink it and let you know without outing the spoilers I heard.

I still dislike wrestler - gah send him home... I also heard spoilers about him though it wasn't surprising ha ha.

True Beauty

This show is so lame it's amusing. The drama, the cast, the antics, the "tests" it's hilarious. Liz drives me nuts. I like Taylor he's cute in a real way rather than a fake way like the majority of them. I loved the focus groups feedback on them all - good times. Regina is so pageanty i can't wait to see her sent packing.

Last Comic Standing

I liked the NYC auditions which I watched from my hotel in L.A. I am excited to get them into the house.

So you Think you can Dance

I liked that they made it a top 11 not 10 because if Billy Bell didn't get in I would have been really annoyed. Also, I haven't seen this weeks show yet so I will do that today and provide feedback.

Hell's Kitchen

I need to watch this week's but will update later tonight. I thought it odd they still sent someone home last week even though buddy walked out... more later once I watch this week's episode.

Fresh Meat II

I was rooting for Kenny but was super happy Landon won because Kenny is douchey and too cocky and Landon is sweet. The reunion show was hilarious, a bitch fest.

I know this is incompleted but I was away for a week so I need to catch up before finishing this post - stay tuned

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