Friday, June 18, 2010

Karaoke at L.A Twilight Convention (Shoop Video included)

Michael Welch hosted and Kiowa and his band Touche popped in a bit here and there, luckily not too much, sorry but I just am NOT a fan of Touche's sound.... or Kiowa's voice.... (just me?)

Hee are a few pics:

Anyways I have videos to upload still but for now here are a few photos and Christy's video of "Shoop"

Side note - I do not sing EVER not even karaoke EXCEPT for shoop - and only when I have a group of people - we'd all had enough bevvies that I convinced a bunch of people to join me and well... you will see... ha ha ha #insanity

Don't judge us LoL


Amy said...

Holy, Mike looks so different with all that hair!

Chablis said... ladies were awesome! Definitely one of the Karaoke highlights for me that night! =) I have some awesome pictures of you guys, I think I sent them to Michelle.