Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jacob & Bella's Kiss - Spoiler descriptions also

OK, a lot of "Team Edward" people commented that this made them sick, or they hated it or whatever but I have to say, after seeing it happen on the big screen - it was hot!

Not as much chemisty as her and Rob, obviously, but I am a wolf-pup lover and Taylor Lautner is hotness and they didn't just kiss - they staight up MADE-OUT... it was hot... though those of you who are hard-core Team Edwards will feel nauseated during the scene - heads up!

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Ami said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!!!! OH my...I love Edward, but I really looking forward this scene between Tay and Kris! YES!!!!

wig4usc said...

Its part of the story...but still, I think "yuck". I didn't like it in the book, and I know I won't like seeing it either! Thanks for for the forewarning and for sharing!