Sunday, June 13, 2010

L.A Day #4 - THE BIG DAY

Today was absolutely amazing. I had 400+ pics for the Taylor/Kristen/Rob panel and 300+ of this mornings Cullen Panel and about 200 throughout the day otherwise.

We saw Liz, Nikki, Ashley, Jackson, Peter for CUllen Panel this morning.

ALso Bryce & Xavier

Of course Dan, Christian and Gil did a panel also.

Then Tyson and Booboo

Also the wolf panel Chaske, Alex and Julia.

Finally, the holy trinity, the big three, rob, kristen, taylor.

it was an insanely busy day and i am exhausted because after everything ended it was 8 or 9 ish and we had a cocktail party with Daniel, Tyson, Booboo, and apparently christian was there but was "too tired" to go to each table and only popped by a couple while the others stayed and did each table - special props to daniel who was the last one there and was amazing a always

i have so much to share - all the q&as from all the panels all my photos and stories gah i am way too tired i am so so so so sorry i promise to get some stuff......

i just have tonsssssssssssssssssssss of stuff...........


RenezzmeeKarlie said...

I saw that christian tweeted before the convention that she had a wisdom tooth hurting really bad. Maybe thats why she couldnt' stay. I been following everyday, lol I can't wait to see all the news and pics. Glad to here all of you are having a wonderful time. Thats got to be the most exciting. ;o)

lily said...

so what do you think of robsten are they still on??

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy! It was so great meeting you at the AMAZING Convention :)