Friday, June 18, 2010

We were on TMZ - Blackhawks take Stanley Cup to the Club

A weekend in L.A. just wouldn't be complete with out TMZ,

Christy, Melinda and I attended Chaske |Spencer\s Be The Shift Charity Event and it felt very LA with VIP rooms and booths, celebs mingling and alcohol flowing.

We actually only stayed a short time because although it was super cool to experience, it wasn't that exciting after we circled a few times and chatted with the celebs we knew or liked.

As we were walking out, however, we saw a couple SUVs roll up and the friggin' Chicago Blackhawk players jumped out with the Stanley Cup!!!!!

It was hilarious and we snapped a few photos before walking over to valet.

As we walked a camera man came up talking to us - once I realized he was still filming I walked away but Christy chatted with him and it is actually really clever and hilarious - she rocks!

When the camerman asked "Will he be getting vagina tonight" she said "not mine, he beat my team" HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!

After the camera man said "I should have said booty instead of vagina" I said "yes, you deffo should have" LoL

TMZ Video here.

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