Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leno today

By now I think most have seen Robert Pattinson on Jay Leno.

I was so lucky to be able to attend today and wanted to share my experience.

The people in front allegeldy arrived 1pm the day before, though later inside someone said they waited since 9am the previous day, either way - a long time.

One of the ladies I am staying with decided to go at 6am because she heard they overbooked the show - which is common because people don't show up and they want it full.

We went about 11am and met her and the line was still maybe 20-50 people. The holding area is a gated area outside where you sit. Then staffers come in and give you some rules and you wait some more.

Finally you are brought in and check in and go thru security. You are told to use the rest room which are like luxury outhouses really - they do have a/c so that was good.

I was #24 and thrilled. WHen they let us in we were told where to sit based on seats not reserved for VIP and # in our party. We all agreed to seperate as needed to get best seats. We had AMAZING seats.

We were the 2nd row up but it is the 5th row because they put 3 rows of chairs on the floor. THe problem with being flat on the floor though is the crew, cameras and people running around taping the show. THe good thing about the floor is you can run up at start to shake Jay's hand.

Weighing those pros/cons I was thrilled to be elevated slightly though the camera blocked me at times, only my view of Jay was ever blocked and briefly - I had full wonderful view of Rob in his sexy grey suit the entire time WOOOOO

You all saw so I won't rehash it all but here's what you didn't see

ROb/Emma were awkward... it wasn't bad but it wasn't easy either... the way it was on tv showed most of it but during commercial breaqks they chatted briefly then kind of twiddle-dee twiddle-dum'd ignoring each other. It was not noticably bad but it was obviously uncomfy - not juwt because she was team jacob - she was just rude and snotty in my opinion.

I FOUND OUT AFTER the show that she is in a movie with KStew's ex Mike "Oregeno" and allegedly dating - which made the team jacob/"bad taste" comment all the more funny bahahaha

I will add clips and photos soon - i need sleep!


NBC Photos Here.


Cosgrove said...

Thanks for all the updates as usual! Sounds like you are having a blast in LA. The Emma thing was wierd, but if she is dating Oregeno then the comment Rob made about her having bad taste is even more rich! Awesome!

Kitty said...

Thanks for the additional insight, Mandy. That was my feeling to that she was "rude and snotty", well I called her a "pissy twit". I loved Rob's quick British wit when he responded that she had "revealed herself to have no taste" and I think she knew she was outclassed. Thanks again, Mandy, you're the best. Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures.

Anonymous said...

yeah thanks for the updates :)
hope you are having a great time..