Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Monday

It's another Week but this one feels different!

This weekend I went blonde, streaking my hair... then I went blonder, doing a golden blonde all over lightening my hair and giving the streaks a nice golden hue.

I grew up blonde. Once in my 20s I started to become a darker blonde but still blonde. In jr High I went purple and pink. In my early 20s I went red and brown.

This past November, for "New Moon Day" I went dark, the darkest bronwn almost black I have ever gone. It's faded but before this weekend I was still quite dark, so this lighter, brighter do is exciting especially for my trip.

This week is L.A. Christy and I leave on Wednesday with a few pit stops along the way.

We will arrive in LA and have an action packed week ahead of us including the Twilight Convention, Eclipse Screening, Jay Leno (Robert Pattinson as guest star), and other tickets to Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, (Not the Eclispe Special Night - yet) and lot's of sight-seeing plans.

I am so excited to see everyone and meet everyone - It will be a blast!!!

Also this weeeknd was the MTV Movie Awards, where Twilight swept the competition!

Scroll down for news on that and expect a lot more today.. my computer was acting up Sunday and sI am also getting a lap top today *squeee* this lap top will help me to tweet and blog live from L.A.

The lap top was made possible because of generous donations from readers like you!

It's not too late to donate and be entered into one of many prize draws.

First Draw is TOMORROW Tuesday June 8th, 2010.

Lot's going on today and this week, check back often for updates!!!

Happy Monday!!!

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