Wednesday, June 9, 2010

L.A Day #1

I am in L.A. This morning I woke up early and took my kiddo to school.

She suggested I "pack her" in my suitcase and bring her along... I sure wish I could have brought her, done Disneyland and Knott's Berry and all the fun stuff.

After taking her to school my hubby took me to meet friends and head down to Bellingham. We had a few pit stops including the nail salon. It wasn't my usual nail place and sadly they weren't very good, especially under the time brunch - so instead of getting a black french manicure with the Eclipse red ribbon going through it but they were not very artistic so after seeing the hideous attempt at the ribbon I opted to not do it. Maybe I will find a talente4d nail artist in L.A. -n otherwise, it is still cute.

I was worried about my luggage being over 50lbs.

(IT's the purple one) Luckily it was 9.2 lbs (Thank you to my hubby who told me to re-pack a few items which were just enough to save me the massive overweight fee)

Christy and I had 2 hours at the Bellingham airport and even though it is an international airport, it sure didn't feel like one. It was so tiny and didn't have gates, you walked outside and up to your plane! Reminded me of |Mexico.

We had a short flight (2.5 hours) and |I slept most of the time.

It was amazing coming to L.A. seeing just how BIG the city is - and how smoggy! yuck!

We landed and our plan to celeb-search & relax quickly passed as our luggage was a lot heavier than planned. We used the handy computer phones to browse a few hotels and call about rates, availability and ammenities.
We found a cheap hotel and waited for our shuttle - which took a lot longer than it should have but at last it arrived and took us to the hotel. We checked in, settled in, then went for a walk to a local Sizzler - that's right ladies and gents - ok mostly ladies.... $9.99 for a dinner AND all you can eat salad and appie bar... mmmm!!!

We stuffed our faces with salad and tacos and just everything!

Our walk back to the hotel was a lot slower than our walk there but we enjoyed the fresh air and the giant airplanes flying overhead. DOwnside to a airport hotel is the loud planes.... but up side is we don't have to get up too early to get ack to airport to meet friends tomorrow and head to the Hyatt where we will stay the next few days and where the Twilight Convention will be held Friday - Sunday.

So much happening in the next week - I am so glad I have this lap top to keep you updated!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week - I wish you could all be here with us to enjoy the excitement!


vancityrockgirl said...

i could have got you guys a cheap hotel, lol.
you should have told me you needed one! it's my job for pete's sake ;)

Ami said...

Hi Mandy!! I am so glad you got the laptop, and I really wish I could be there with you guys enjoying the excitement!! SO I hope you have a nice time and thanks for keeping us updated

RenezzmeeKarlie said...

Hey Mandy, So glad to hear you all are having fun in the sun & thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I think I can speak for everyone when I say We are VERY glad you have a laptop also ;o) . Thank you again so much for taking your time to make us feel like we are there with you .