Saturday, June 12, 2010

L.A Day #3 - Part 2

Well I can't be exactly sure where I left off the last post but I assume after allthe speakers.... so since then I had a lil rest to charge batteries and then went down and got autographs from Kiowa, Tinsel, Justin, and Mike.

I did get multiples because I want to have plenty for our amazing |||||||Twilight \triple feature at the Rio theatre in |Vancouver on June 2 - be sure to get tickets - there is a link at the top of my blog.

Then we got all dolled up for the VOlturi Ball. After some drinks, dancing and chatting with new and old friends we went BACK up to the hotel to prepare for the karaoke and then we danced and sang our heartsw out with Mike and Kiowa...

I actualy got up to sing - tho with a ton of people - SHOOP by SaltNpepa

I hear there is vifeo footage *hides* me+booze+karaoke=trouble ha ha

I had a ton of fun and I do have so much to share but anyone who has been at a Twilight Convention knows that it is so action packed that you don't have much time for anything....

I am currently uploading 600 photos from one camera and 200 from the other plus some of that is video. There is novideo of the Q&A however, I did take video of karaoke while my friends sang....m hilarious! Kiowa was there for parts but Mike |Welch was singingand dancing and entertaining the entire time!

He is awesome!

OK - I need sleep- - anyone who is at or planning to be at |Twi_Tour Saturday please come say hi to me :-) I love meeting new people and seeing familiar faces and I promise I don't bite!

More tomorrow - ok myabe not Sunday for sure I will have TONS AND TONS of posts and photos...

Thanks for your patience

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wig4usc said...

Sounds like a blast, can't wait to see pix!