Friday, June 11, 2010

L.A Day #2

Another great day in L.A.

It was so long but exciting. We woke up and had breakfast then went back to the airport to meet a friend. The three of us taxi'd to the Hyatt.

The hotel is beautiful, as is the weather and the view from our room.
There are 5 pools and a hot tub, an outdoor mall around the corner and so much to do within walking distance.

After settling in the three of us went to shop. I mostly browsed as I am on a tight budget but |I did get a few things for my kiddo as well as a few cute sun dresses on sale. Also, in borders I saw "Love Bites" an unofficial Twilight book, and I was shocked to see photos a friend of mine took including one I am in! Wow!

We popped by a grocery store and stoked up on veggies, dips, multigrain tostitos, salsa, yogurts, cheese, alcohol, mixers and such. It was warm out and I even got a sunburn just a bit on my shoulders!

We enjoyed lunch on our patio that overlooks the pool (Photo above)

We relaxed, awaiting others arrivals. I saw an old friend from Georgia who texted me upon arrival and then our other roomie arrived and Christy's roomies from Arizona and a new friend from |Tenessee..we all hung out. Then a few went clubbing and the rest of us piled in a cab and went to Hollywood to check out the touristy sites.

We saw so many stars - I took photos of tons but wil upload those to facebook because honestly they look just like this but with different names ha ha ha..

This is Grauman's Chinese |Theatre, very cool - and after walking up and down the street we went by and saw all the hand and foot prints in the walkway entrance - so very cool.

El Captian Theatre which will host the Toy Story 3 red carpet premiere this weekend

Jimmy Kimmel Live - I walked by about when his ticketing website shut down. Ha Ha!
Here is the Harry Potter Cast in the cement. |There were literreally dozens of different stars from as early as the 1930s (that I noticed, maybe earlier) I snapped photos of tons and even put my own hands in their spots... including Johnny Depp, Shirley Temple (m grandparents used to let me watch her) and many others. I will post more photos once I am home next week or to facebook this week if I get time. FOr now it is mostly teasers I suppose ;)
Pretty Woman.... we drove down Sunset Blvd and |Rodeo Dr. and saw so many famous hot spots. We were too tired to wander around but saw a ton of amazing places we hope to check out more thoroughly later.

We walked through a ton of awesome areas and snapped a lot of photos but it's 2am and my roomies are trying to sleep so I shall share more tomorrow.

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BettingOnAlice said...

Hello dear. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the awesome update. Keep this up and I'll really feel like I'm there! This was a great! I cannot wait to hear how Saturday goes!!! Have so much fun, stay safe, and continue to take lots of great pics!
Exes and Ohs,
BOA ;)