Friday, June 11, 2010

L.A Day #3 - Part 1

Wow, L.A. is being good to me. I have been trying to tweet but the convention room is on the bottom floor so service it tough to come by. I am still writing it all down (well typing) so I can post later.

I am taking a ton of photos also - thanks to my friend Elyse for lending me her much better camera than mine.

|Today I woke up and went over to the mall for some shopping. Once registration started I helped out with wristbands, which was awesome because it allowed me to meet a lot of the fans as they came in and see tons of familiar faces!

Hillywood introduced everyone and we have had Tinsel Korey, Kiowa Gordon, Mike Welch and Justin |Chon as well as Booboo Stewart on stage so far.

|There's a short break right now with Lot's of vendors and cool artifacts in the vendors room. This Convention is so amazing, even better than past conventions if you can believe it.

In a half hour there are autographs then preparation for the VOlturi Ball.

There will also be Karaoke tonight which should be awesome.

I am recharging batteries in cameras and cell phones or I would post photos now but I promise to get some teasers up asap and twitpic as much as the cell reception will allow.

Thanks for following me on twitter and keep checking back here for more updates tonight| and all week.

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