Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nikki Reed Single

See bottom for my opinion....

Nikki Reed spoke to Marc Malkin at the MTV MOvie Awards and admited she was indeed single again.

Nikki Reed is done with dating.

Not forever, but the Twilight beauty has officially confirmed to me that she and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis are dunzo…

"I'm not going to be with anyone for a very long time," Reed said at the MTV Movie Awards. "It's about time that I focused on me.

"In the last four months, people have been reaming me to know what's happening in my relationship world," she continued. "You're the only person I've said that to."

As our E! pals over at The Awful Truth first reported, Reed and Latsis began dating in the beginning of 2009. Reed didn't reveal why they split, but did say that her older brother, Nathan, has helped her get through the rough patch. He was living in Brazil when she came calling.

"He quit his job and came back [to L.A.] two days later and I was like, 'So, you're going on a two-month tour with me,'" Reed said. "He's awesome."

And hot, I can tell you. He accompanied his sister to the Movie Awards.

Nikki said, "He's single!"

Mandy's Mind - I am sorry to hear Nikki is experiencing heartache BUT I am glad she isn't with Paris anymore, he seems kinda douchey - I mean he dated Paris Hilton.... hello?!?! I think Nikki Reed is so incredible sweet and beautiful and if this news of her being single is true, I hope she enjoys it and eventually settles down with someone who is amazing and treats her the way she deserves, sorry I just really adore Nikki she has been nothing but sweet to me each and every time I have met her - sending positive vibes her way!

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