Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Photos

Kirsten Stewart

Personally, It was just ok. I likedd her long hair but the slick back should have been slicked back not rough and bumpy. The silver and gold is ok - she looked cute. I maybe would have done a black skirt - just me? Shoes are cute.

Elizabeth Reaser

Sexy, daring, bold, I really like it. Sleek and revealing but in a classy way. Love the shoes.

Nikki Reed

I love Nikki to eath but she needs some help getting dressed. This is frumpy, too busy and not flattering. The pattern ends / doesn't match - not a fan of colours... I do love the shoes.

Anna Kendrick

I think she looked adorable. I love the colour, the hair, the style, the shoes. She is adorable

Chaske Spencer


Kiowa Gordon

Purple Tie - he dressed fancy - shocked!

Mmmm Xavier Samuel


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