Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breaking Dawn filming at Isle of Esme - PHOTOS

This is almost too much to handle...
ROb & Kristen arrive to set....

Twifans gathered several reports from various sources to post:

We are hearing that the stunt doubles will jump into the water and swim. Robert and Kristen will be doing some kissing in the water. (via FoForks & @FePattz)

Today, even though film reps are trying to keep things on the down low by lying to reporters and fans, word is out! Waterfall filming in the middle of Paraty is happening with Kristen and Robert. News crews are being told it's a shoot for a commercial but thank goodness Brazilian fans are persistent to get info. We are being told that the waterfall shoot is very romantic...it's okay to *sigh*, it;s normal.

From Caricho:
The climate of Paraty is this: At every corner you look, you quietly find a group or someone with strong security badge in English. And every time we think "OMG! Does Stephanie Meyer will come now? "

Unfortunately we have not had such luck, but even yesterday, in our restaurant ,a team that missed extras wake up early filming today, yes, the waterfall.

The information we had was that there would saved some outdoor scenes with stuntmen Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Since we spend the day in Robsten "Isle Esme" filming the expected - and romantic! - Scenes from the honeymoon couple Kristen and Robert.

When I arrived on site, we already saw several cars, generators and a strong security scheme. Soon we were approached by a badge with the Rio Movies that told us that the waterfall was too crowded and we not be allowed near it for today. "And what filming is this here?" I asked. "We're filming a commercial."

I can speak first hand about the "lying"

In Vancouver New Moon signs were "USM" (Untitled Sports Movie) While Eclipse started with TSBD and then used various random signs (such as 181) and finally no signs at all.

Apparently this waterfall MAY be the one used in filming the frolicking newlyweds *squeee*

The lovely cottage we saw photos of before here has been transformed and now looks ready for filming...

Notice how they covered up all the grass with sand to make it more tropical.

Upon closer eamination there are small details that tell a lot...

Here are the most recent photos of the love shack de Cullen. Plants and flowers are being added. Sand smoothed out. Production is moving furniture and all hands on the set are moving around like busy bees. Capricho journalist Aline (self proclaimed "crazy Twilight journalist") says that it took her a short 25 minute boat ride to find the house and that they were kept 200 feet away but not barred from taking photographs.

What do you think about all this?

I don't even know what to think, the only thing I am certain of - is I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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