Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rob & Kristen leave Breaking Dawn waterfall set

Waterfalls are so beautiful... I am so excited to see what kinds of frolicking and *ahem* other stuff goes on in that water - rawr!

After 7 hours of filming at the Taquari waterfall for Breaking Dawn, the Twilight stars boarded a boat back to mansion Mamangua. According to a source heard by the IG, the couple will film Tuesday at the beach mansion and sleep on site. The recordings in the house will only start on Wednesday. The site is surrounded by bodyguards and has the support of the Port Authority.

I love that #1 (Dean) is sitting on the back of the boat, like some crqzed fan is going to speed swim up and molest Rob tee hee

More pics and deets including original source over at Twifans.

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